What is movement rehabilitation at amity?

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body.
— Joseph Pilates

Today there are many different types of rehabilitation on offer which can make the world of exercise therapy a very confusing place for newbie’s. Your physiotherapist is in a unique position to be able to bridge the gap between hands-on therapy and functional movement improvements utilising evidence based movement rehabilitation. At Amity Clinical Movement Studio your physiotherapist takes into account your presenting injury or movement restriction as well as your movement history and previous experiences to tailor a highly effective program for you!

It was Physiotherapists who pioneered evidenced based Clinical Pilates techniques which are now utilised by skilled physiotherapists as a treatment modality in combination with other evidence based exercise therapy to address many different aliments and presentations.

What makes movement rehab at amity great?

  • It is low impact

  • It encompasses spinal and pelvic stability as well as muscle flexibility and joint mobility

  • It focuses on correct activation of pelvic floor and deep lumbo-pelvic abdominal musculature ("the core"), breathing, positional awareness and exercise technique

  • It addresses the underlying cause of most symptomatic pain presentations by correcting movement dysfunction

  • We can identify why you move a certain way and help you change this

  • We identify blocks in movement due to stiff joints, painful muscle, poor neural mobility, circulatory issues, or fear avoidance and address this in your sessions

  • We combine your movement rehab sessions with traditional physiotherapy techniques to maximise effects of your program

  • There is strong evidence based research which supports improving recruitment of deep abdominal and spinal stability muscles through specific and directional biased clinical pilates exercises with a physiotherapist can reduce and prevent lower back pain and pelvic instability - these are common ailments which typically present in physiotherapy at different stages of life for example pre and post pregnancy.


A physiotherapist structured movement rehabilitation program ensures a therapeutic movement based treatment in which all exercises are individually tailored. Poorly recruited or weakened muscle groups are strengthened and shortened or stiff muscle groups and joints are mobilised. The movements and exercises are designed to be safe for the individual’s presentation and promote recovery and performance.

A thorough subjective history of injury/s, sports, trauma, repetitive loading, work postures, pain presentation, limited joint mobility and importantly client’s goals and expectations are taken into account when structuring a therapeutic program to suit your specific needs. This ensures not only optimal outcomes are achieved but the entire pilates intervention is an enjoyable experience.  

Various pieces of clinical equipment are used to provide effective feedback to your body which can greatly increase your ability to recruit the correct muscles and hence creates a highly efficient form of exercise and injury rehabilitation.

At APCP, your physiotherapist will create a totally individualized, highly effective and safe exercise regimen which will assist recovery, re-training correct movement patterns and improve strength and ability in all aspects of your life as well as any personal goals or athletic pursuits you may have.

Clinical Pilates is very effective and as a direct result you can expect your body awareness will improve, your posture will change, and you will move more efficiently. You’ll achieve a strong core, improved flexibility and promote an overall sense of well-being. At APCP we find that as well as the direct physical benefits of pilates our clients also gain such a wonderful sense of well-being that they want to continue pilates for the rest of their life!

An initial physiotherapy consult is required to ensure you get the most of you rehabilitation.

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