Having removed myself from the busy clinical environment of traditional physiotherapy 5 years ago I quickly established a renewed focus of how I would approach my physiotherapy practice.

It is Amity's mission to provide...

  • A superior clinical experience in which clients are reassured their musculoskeletal conditions are in the best of hands with highly individualised evidence based treatments
  • A healing and tranquil environment to not only offer a truly holistic physiotherapy service but also an enjoyable experience which further promotes positive outcomes
  • A patient centered approach where clients wants, needs, fears and goals are considered - the connection between mind and body cannot be underestimated

I have developed a unique style of physiotherapy practice in which I have seen my clients excel on a number of levels. Clients often initially present with a certain pain complaint and I pride myself on looking at the patient entirely and not focusing on what might seem like the obvious symptoms on initial presentation. Particularly in instances of chronic pain or pain that presents over multiple areas in the body there is all too often an underlying cause or tendency in the body that is being overlooked and not addressed. I love to “look outside of the box” and contemplate other causes of particular movement patterns leading to pain that have not been addressed previously.

the answer is not always clear at the beginning and nothing gives me more joy than uncovering the underlying cause of a clients pain; unlocking the puzzle and empowering them with the tools to self manage and improve their quality of life.

I always look beyond a person’s initial presentation of pain – all too often the obvious symptoms are just that – symptoms of an underlying cause. I pride myself on working collaboratively with my clients and using my skills in musculoskeletal assessment, clinical diagnosis, physiotherapy treatments and exercise prescription with the entire process being structured around the client’s individual goals and aspirations to gain the best outcome for them. In my experience a client’s overall compliance, experience and outcomes are greatly enhanced when the core purpose of the whole encounter is about THEM!! 


I have treated clients from all walks of life from elite athletes to pre and post natal women. My unique skill set has seen me become the “family physio” of many of my loyal clients over the years and indeed many of my clients have become my friends. I truly do everything in my power to make each and every client experience a unique, educational and beneficial client focused experience. I take pride in my work and ability to assist my clients at whatever stage of life they’re in.

I do believe if we lay the correct foundations and educate people, we empower people to become their own advocates in health and well being. Preventative health strategies is always at the forefront on my mind and using my time with people to not only address their present concerns but educate and highlight ways to avoid other potential problems that may arise. As a private practice physiotherapist I am in a unique position to use my skills to assess people and also make predictions about what they may encounter based on their previous pain patters, injuries, work scenarios and exercise history. If I can offer life style advice based on my assessment this is something I always do.